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About KAPAP Lanarkshire

KAPAP Lanarkshire is part of the KAPAP UK group under chief self defence instructor Sam Markey.

Gary Higham senior KAPAP Lanarkshire instructor

Gary Higham KAPAP Lanarkshire Chief Instructor

Gary Higham Is a certified teacher, part of the Avi Nardia Academy. Gary from KAPAP Lanarkshire is Scotland’s most prominent and exciting KAPAP instructor, he is a KAPAP level 3…



Techniques are re-enforced with continual drilling and practice allowing students to accumulate knowledge of very effective self-protection with no time given to flashy ineffective “Hollywood” moves. This is supplemented with a focus on the fitness needed to protect you and your family in a real life setting. This is achieved through various exercises, drills and sparring. There is a sense team work, questions are encouraged and answered at all times. closing-comment

Marty McKerry